You Can Find Kid- and Pet-Friendly Pest Control Services in Dover, DE and all of Kent County and Sussex County

We'll eliminate your infestation while protecting your loved ones

CenDel Pest Services, LLC offers effective kid- and pet-friendly ant, bed bug and termite treatments.

Learn more about the services we offer to Dover, DE and all Kent County and Sussex County homeowners-call 302-670-8943 now.

You deserve customized commercial pest control solutions

A pest infestation can wreak havoc at your office, restaurant or hotel. When you choose CenDel Pest Services as your commercial pest control company, you won't have to wait around for results.

Our resident pest control professional has 35+ years of experience. We'll treat your property...

  • Once to kill ants or termites. Our ant control services come with a 60-day guarantee.
  • Three times to kill bed bugs. After your initial treatment, we'll provide follow-up pest control services 30 and 60 days later.
  • Every other month for general pests. Sign up for a yearly pest control plan to ensure that rodents, spiders and insects don't make your property their home.


Need commercial pest control services ASAP? Call CenDel Pest Services-we offer emergency services six days a week.


What kinds of pests do we treat?

CenDel Pest Services treats Dover, DE and all of Kent County and Sussex County properties for a wide range of pests. We offer customized solutions for pests that...

  • Eat your food or structural timbers: Ants | Mice | Rats | Termites
  • Bite or sting people or pets: Bed bugs | Bees | Fleas | Hornets | Spiders | Wasps | Yellow jackets
  • Give your guests the creeps: Centipedes | Crickets | Cockroaches | Earwigs | Millipedes | Silverfish | Stink bugs

Call 302-670-8943 today to speak with a pest control professional at CenDel Pest Services.