We'll Treat Your Dover, DE, Kent County, and Sussex County Property for All Kinds of Pests

We'll Treat Your Dover, DE, Kent County, and Sussex County Property for All Kinds of Pests

Call us first when you need a roach control professional

German, American and Oriental cockroaches are three common pests that plague home and business owners in the Dover, DE and the entire Kent County and Sussex County area. Whichever species you're dealing with, you can get rid of them for good by turning to the roach pest control professional at CenDel Pest Services, LLC.

You'll love making CenDel Pest Services your pest control company because...

  • We offer yearly service agreements. Preventive maintenance is key to keeping the bugs at bay. We'll treat your property based on a customized schedule to best suit your problem
  • We provide free emergency services during the week. You can reach our pest control professional at 302-670-8943.
  • We use kid- and pet-friendly pest control treatments. Rest easy knowing CenDel Pest Services will eliminate your cockroach infestation while looking out for your home

Contact CenDel Pest Services today to learn more about our customized pest control solutions.

Rely on us for effective spider control

Rely on us for effective spider control

Are spiders lurking in your basement, garage or deck area? Get in touch with CenDel Pest Services, a spider control company based in Dover, Delaware and serving all of Kent County and Sussex County. You can count on us to...

  • Get rid of the spiders at your property
  • Take measures to prevent future infestations
  • Go the extra mile by removing cobwebs

Get a free spider control estimate by calling 302-670-8943 today.

No pest stands a chance

Dealing with a pest infestation we haven't mentioned? CenDel Pest Services will take care of the pests that...

  • Skitter around your home: Spiders | Earwigs | Millipedes | Centipedes | Crickets | Silverfish
  • Buzz around your head: Wasps | Yellow jackets | Hornets | Stink bugs | Ladybugs | Box Elder Bugs
  • Nibble at your food or pets: Ants | Mice | Rats | Ticks| Fleas

We also do preventative sprays for your upcoming outdoor event - call us to find out how we can protect your party, wedding, or any other event from unwanted pest and mosquitoes.