Discover the Secret to Deterring Ants in the Dover, DE Area

Discover the Secret to Deterring Ants in the Dover, DE Area

Try these effective ant prevention methods at your home or office

Ants are stubborn pests in Kent and Sussex counties. Once they’re inside your home or place of business, they can be hard to get rid of. But if you employ proven ant prevention methods, you can keep these pests from making themselves at home in your kitchen or bathrooms.
CenDel Pest Services, LLC offers these helpful ant prevention tips based on our extensive pest control experience:

Cover your food, especially if it’s sitting on the counter. Ants can crawl through the tiniest gaps, so be sure that the lids of your sugar bowls, take-out containers or casserole dishes are sealed tightly.
Wash dishes and dispose of trash regularly. Ants love your leftovers. Make sure your kitchen doesn’t serve up what they’re looking for.
Wipe up standing water in your bathroom. Ants tend to congregate near water, which makes your bathroom a prime target. Deter ants by eliminating their water source.
By following these ant prevention tips, you can avoid a pesky pest problem at your home or office building in Kent or Sussex County. Should you ever need ant control services, contact CenDel Pest Services in Dover, DE right away.

You've got an ant infestation-now what?

It's time to call the professionals. CenDel Pest Services is your local ant control company serving Dover, DE and surrounding areas. With just one ant control treatment, we can get rid of those pests once and for all.

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